It can be hard during the colder months to stay well hydrated, especially when it’s freezing and wet outside, the last thing we often feel like doing is drinking a cup of chilled water. So, our friends at Golden Grind thought they would put together a ‘winter liquid guide’ with tips and tricks to staying well, and staying hydrated.

“It’s amazing how quickly a few changes to the way you consume liquid can better your overall health. I have personally seen the benefits how changing my drinking habits impacted my immune system immediately and continues to help me avoid getting sick. It is always one of the first issues I address with my clients and works almost every time” – Tahli, Head Nutritionist at Golden Grind.

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1. Make it warm
Warm drinks are far gentler on the body that cold or chilled drinks, especially in winter. Consuming fluids that are around body temp is less work for the digestive system whilst being extremely nurturing on the immune system. It also allows for quicker hydration. Starting your day with a warm drink is one of the simplest but kindest thing you can do for your organs and insides.

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2. Tea was medicine before it was a beverage
Consume medicinal teas to help avoid sickness or ailments, or when already feeling run down. Everything from immune boosting, energy, sleeping and more can be helped with the right tea (try Golden Grind’s new range) and makes the cup much more interesting than water.

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3. Slow cooked meals and stews
Such a great way to cook food that makes it easy to absorb but also maintains nutrients, slow cooked meals also require a decent amount of fluid to be added that can really help keep your meals hydrating. Plus, you can add all types of superfoods and spices, like turmeric for example, that fill the meal with max nutrients.

4. Sip on broth or miso
If you struggle drinking plain water, trying putting broth or miso concentration into warm water a couple of times a day for a lovely salty fix and nutrient boost.

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5. Winter Smoothies
Smoothies don’t have to be ice cold or a summery drink. Making a room temp smoothie is such a wonderful brekkie or lunch year around. Packed with things like oats, cereals, proteins and superfoods, they are such a brilliant way to make a non-eating meal or meal on the go. Plus, your liquid of choice could be anything from nut milks, coconut water, fruit and more. Trying adding Golden Grind’s new superfood blends to any smoothie mix.

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6. What to avoid
We are confident you have heard these before but staying clear of; fizzy drinks, highly processed drinks, sugary drinks, fruit juices, iced drinks, preservatives, alcohol and high amounts of caffeine is generally recommended.

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