Plastic Free July -If you haven’t heard of it now is the perfect time to jump onboard and fulfil those childhood dreams of becoming a real life super hero! Plastic Free July encourages you to evaluate your single-use plastic use, reduce it, reuse it, and find alternatives to plastic products, making your plastic footprint as minimal as possible for the health of the planet and your future!

It’s fantastic being a part of the Plastic Free July movement and acting as plastic-free as possible for a month, but what about the other 11 months of the year? For us to really help the planet, reduce the amount of litter entering the oceans and the number of emissions associated with plastic creation and disposal, we need to keep up the habits we create during Plastic Free July all year round.

So here are a few ways we can keep up the earth-saving, pollution-reducing momentum, forever:

1. Understand the impacts
When you do a little research and truly understand the impact plastic manufacturing and pollution has on the environment you are psychologically more inclined to continue to protect your natural spaces with little everyday swaps, just like the ones you made during plastic free July.

2. Start Small end Big
Ease yourself into the changes. Start small, with things that are easy everyday changes, like reusable coffee cups and reusable plastic bags, plastic free toothbrushes, and work your way up to the big things, like natural fibre clothing, and plastic-free packaged beauty.

3. Don’t go nuts spending big
Purchase your plastic-free alternative items as your plastic items come to the end of their lives. Don’t rush out and purchase alternatives when you have perfectly good products available. Use them up first and then make the switch. We are trying to eliminate waste, not create it!

4. Don’t beat yourself up
A healthy mindset and approach to being plastic free is needed to continue the good fight. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up, just know that you can continue to make a difference next time. Us humans are imperfect and that’s ok!

5. Think outside the box
If you do slip up and forget your plastic free alternatives, think outside the box! Forgot your shopping bags? Ask for a box at the register. Forgot your produce bags? Use the paper mushroom bags, or just opt for a naked trolley. Forgot your reusable coffee cup? Chill and drink your coffee in the café!

Caye Life

6. Follow great real-life plastic-free superhero’s on social media for tips on how to continue your journey!
The road to reducing plastic and living a plastic-free lifestyle is long and sometimes seems full of speed humps but once you make the switch you will appreciate nature in a way previously unfelt, you will set examples for those around you and create allies to fight the good fight for our collective futures. How will you go Plastic Free July Forever?

An article written by Laura Wells.

Laura Wells

Laura Wells is one of the Nourished Life Ambassadors and also one of our Wellness Awards 2021 Judges! As an Environmentalist, holding degrees in both Biology and Law, Laura is passionate about the environment, the ocean and facilitating climate change.

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