Which do you adore – Love Thy Country Onesie or Los Olivos Snapback?

Take a look at these bargains at Inspired Emotion

This heads up is for 2 great products from Inspired Emotion that are quite a sight to see. Between Love Thy Country Onesie and Los Olivos Snapback, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a much closer peek and see what there is to see.

Number 1 item is…

Love Thy Country Onesie

5.0 oz., 100% combed ringspun cotton in a 1×1 baby rib
Inspired Emotion >
4th of July > Love Thy Country Onesie

The 2nd product on our list for today is Los Olivos Snapback!

Authentic fabric patch, hand stitched with thick saddle thread to make it certainly certainly one of a kind.


Inspired Emotion >
Mens Hats > Los Olivos Snapback

So I’m saying my pick between these two is.. by a very small margin: Love Thy Country Onesie.

Why choose Marine Collagen | Nourished Life Australia

Arguably the beauty buzzword of the year, collagen carries a variety of health benefits. But not all collagen is created equal. Amazonia‘s Head Dietitian, Tara Kaff explains that although research is still in its early stages, the potential health and beauty benefits of supplementing with Marine Collagen looks promising.

Why Marine Collagen?

Collagen is prevalent throughout the entire body and can be found within skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and connective tissue. Of all the collagen sources on the market today, the most popular are Bovine (from cows) and Marine (from fish). Compared to Bovine Collagen, Marine Collagen features smaller peptide particles with a lower molecular weight, making it highly bioavailable and easy for your body to absorb and use to replenish collagen stores.

There are also various types of Collagen, the most common being Type I, II and III. Type I makes up the majority of our skin, Type II our joints and cartilage, and Type III a combination of both. Marine Collagen contains primarily Type I and III, meaning it’s most effective for strengthening your hair and nails, improving skin firmness and elasticity, and healing your gut. Keep reading to discover more about these benefits.

Benefits of Marine Collagen

Supports healthy hair, skin and nails

Our skin is made of over 75% collagen, which degenerates from our mid-20s and continues to decrease as we age. Replenishing our body’s collagen stores can help to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. Collagen also contains the amino acids needed to produce keratin, which keeps our hair and nails strong and shiny.

Promotes strong bones

Our bones are made mostly of collagen, which gives them structure and helps keep them strong. Studies have shown that marine collagen peptides help the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are essential for bone strength. They have the potential to help increase bone mass density and lower levels of proteins in the blood that stimulate bone breakdown.

Helps relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation 

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen makes up about 30% of our body’s total protein molecules. It plays an important role in maintaining structure in the tendons, ligaments and cartilage that holds our bones together. With its smooth, gel-like structure, collagen allows us to glide and move without pain. Boosting the body’s stores with a Marine Collagen supplement may help your joints move more easily, reduce pain often associated with aging, and even reduce the risk of joint deterioration.

Raw Collagen

Supports gut health
Collagen is an important component of the gut’s connective tissue and may help support and repair the gut lining. It has also been found to help regulate stomach acid secretion, which assists in the breakdown of other proteins and carbohydrates in the intestines.

How to maximise the benefits of collagen
Because Marine Collagen is typically derived from fish skin or scales, it’s important to consider where those fish came from. When you’re shopping for a collagen supplement, look for brands that source their collagen sustainably – for the good of your health and the health of the planet.

It’s also important to note that our bodies cannot produce collagen without Vitamin C. Not only that, but Vitamin C also helps regulate collagen production and neutralise free radical damage, the main source of collagen degradation. Your body cannot make Vitamin C on its own – it must be ingested – so for maximum results, look for a Marine Collagen supplement that includes Vitamin C.

Our selection

1. Amazonia Raw Beauty Collagen Glow – Your choice between Peach Passionfruit or Unflavoured.

2. Nourished Life Wild Marine Collagen – Your choice between Super Berry or Unflavoured.

3. Vida Glow Marine Collagen

4. The Beauty Chef Deep Collagen Inner Beauty Support

5. Mukti Bioactive Collagen Booster

6.Frank Simple Collagen Beauty Rest – Hot Chocolate






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All you need to know about Less is More

“I am in love with beauty in every manifestation, I love landscapes, plants, art, especially music. Images and moods that arise from those impressions I try to express in my products.” Let’s dive into the magic of creation behind the brand Less is More with its cofounder Dr. Doris Brandhuber.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

The essential matters. By focusing on what is essential Less is More combines customers’ needs with the concerns of the world. Biologically exquisite, naturally pure and completely native.

Functionally highly effective, professionally unique and progressive in all aspects. Less is More is always less and at the same time always more. Socially fair, future-oriented, clean and consistently transparent. Beautiful, aesthetic, consciously natural and fully gentle.

Why did you start Less is More? What was your motivation?

It was the great AHA-experience when I first examined the cosmetic products in Hannes’ Salon not as a consumer, but as a chemist 13 years ago. This line, like so many other ‘green’ salon brands, has turned out to be a typical greenwashing line, marketed with essential oils and pure nature, inside lots of petroleum-based raw materials, poorly biodegradable conditioner active ingredients that pollute our waters, preservatives with high allergy potential, etc.

I continued my research then and did not find a salon line that corresponded to their green claims and if it did, the line was functionally and aesthetically completely unattractive. As a result, Hannes and I realised our vision of an honest, healthy, environmentally friendly, functional salon line in organic quality with Less is More.

Less is More range

Could you tell us something about your passion in making new formulations?

Creating new products is one of the tasks I enjoy the most and what I really burn for. It’s a long way from the idea to finally see the product in the shops and salons, so patience is key. Ideas can literally arise from everywhere: from customer’s feedback, new ingredients on the market or they come from within.

The process of creating a new product includes two phases: the desk work and the ‘from lab to production’- phase. First there needs to be done a lot of research like checking the framework conditions (legal requirements, organic certification, know-how, etc.), carrying out a detailed ingredients research (efficacy studies, costs, health aspects, environmental performance, etc) and conception of the product (formulation, scent, effect & texture, etc).

Less is More Collection

Fun fact:
When I am wearing my big headphones and the glass door is closed, my employees exactly know, I’m now in that stage of creating and thinking about something new. In the second phase the formulation will be developed and extensively tested in the lab and of course in real life. After that the preparation for production and sales starts.

How and why did you develop the Cajeput Shampoo & Conditioner?

As all of our products, the formulations for the Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo and Conditioner are intended to serve the health of skin and hair, sensual enjoyment, as well as purposeful hair care and styling aesthetics.

The Cajeput Shampoo and Conditioner were one of the first ever developed products of Less is More. The goal was to offer a kind of allrounder product, that can be used by every hair type and adds moisture and nice healthy shine to the hair. As it is also our mildest line, we also call it ‘family line’ as it is also suitable for small children and even babies (from 6 months), so every family member can use it.

Is there a specific essential oil benefit of the cajeput line?

Aromatherapy and the use of natural, organic essential oils are important components of Less is
More products. The targeted use of essential oils optimises the functionality of Less is More
products and refines their efficiency in terms of well-being.

As the name says – in the Cajeput Pure Balance line the Cajeput essential oil is the main
ingredient in the essential oil mix. Essential oils always have an effect on the psyche and body.

Cajeput has a balancing, clarifying effect and is very mild. Additionally, it has a stimulating
effect on hair growth and tones the scalp.

Less is More Cajeput

Less is More Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo – gentle, balancing sulphate-free formula which gives your hair a healthy shine and protects against moisture loss. For all hair types.

Less is More Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner – bio-active care complex which smooths the surface of the hair, locks in moisture and shine, improves combability and makes every hair type wonderfully smooth, without weighing it down.

All Less is More Shampoos and Conditioners are concentrated. Use an almond size amount of product for short to medium length hair, a walnut size for long hair.

Less is More Founders

Co-founders : Dr. Doris Brandhuber, Chemist & Aromatherapist and Hannes Trummer, Hairstylist & Trainer.

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