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Magnesium has been a staple in my health and wellness routine for years and years now, and the easiest way to work magnesium into my day is through magnesium oil. Magnesium has so many health benefits, many of which I wasn’t fully aware of until I really started looking into it. Interested in working magnesium oil into your daily routine? I’ve put together this quick guide to the benefits of magnesium – how to use magnesium oil, where to spray it, and what it can do for you.

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium ions are found throughout the body and help to regulate over 300 biochemical reactions. These enzyme cofactors play a vital role in regulating blood pressure, monitoring muscle and nerve functions and synthesising proteins, as well as helping with energy production, mineral balance and building new cells. Magnesium oil is made from a combination of magnesium chloride flakes and water, making it easy for the body to absorb when applied topically to the skin. This combination of ingredients also means that magnesium oil isn’t technically an oil- it gets its name from its slightly oily consistency!

What is Magnesium Oil used for?

Because of magnesium’s ability to regulate blood pressure and monitor muscle and nerve functions, one of the most common uses of magnesium oil is to aid with muscle repair. Without enough magnesium our muscles can’t properly relax, so applying magnesium oil topically to any sore, tight and strained muscles can help to loosen them and ease that pain. It’s also great as a preventative measure, as it can be applied before exercise to help prevent injury. Magnesium has also been said to help to reduce stress, ease headaches and migraines and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Magnesium Cream

How to use Magnesium Oil?

To use magnesium oil, simply spray it onto any areas you wish to relieve tension- or, if you aren’t feeling particularly sore or tight, spray it onto any area of your body to simply increase your body’s natural magnesium levels. I find that two to three sprays per area is the perfect amount (and is recommended by most of the brands we stock at Nourished Life). Magnesium oil is perfect if you’re time poor or are on the go, but you can also apply magnesium topically with a magnesium cream. These take slightly longer to really sink into the skin and be absorbed by the body, but their thicker consistency makes them really great for anyone needing a little extra skin hydration, plus they often combine magnesium with a host of other skin-loving ingredients. The added ingredients can slightly dilute the magnesium, which makes magnesium creams a great alternative for those with skin sensitive to magnesium. You can also find pure magnesium flakes sold on their own at Nourished Life. These are perfect for those who really want to soak in the benefits of magnesium, literally- I love taking a bath with a cup or two of magnesium salt flakes dissolved into the water!

Amazing Oils

Does Magnesium Oil have any side effects?

It’s essential to always follow the instructions on your chosen magnesium oil, as it is with any product, to ensure you aren’t delivering your body with too much magnesium. Some people may find that their skin is sensitive to magnesium, the side effects of which include tingling or stinging, so it’s important to do a patch test on a small area of skin before applying magnesium oil all over.

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So why did VAVA choose Shopify?

This isn’t simply a story about VAVA and their on-line store – I mean it is, they are on the internet as well as appears to be doing well. Could VAVA think about opening brand-new retail places?

Online shopping and the future

As you may understand, online commerce has re-shaped exactly how people are now operating. Vendors now have a lot more to sell than they can stockpile on inventory, and customers can not appear to get sufficient of the special deals online.

Long past is the commitment to stores and also brands as buying ends up being progressively driven by clicking thumbs, Likes and links.

Therefore, brick as well as mortar stores are now rapidly becoming absorbed by Ecommerce shops. As well as with lots of currently gathering this market, the combination of both looks and also functionality has currently dropped on to the eCommerce vendors’ hands. Some block and also mortar shops are transforming to accomodate special events for customers and are utilizing unique occasions and experiences to make buying in individual more special.


Online Stores @ VAVA

On-line shopkeepers are currently establishing websites efficient in attracting customers as well as offering them s both electronic and physical plus subscriptions and solutions. Amongst the many systems readily available to create an E-Commerce shop, Shopify attracts attention as one of one of the most efficient as well as preferred locations to construct an on-line store.

A Huge Market Leader 😊

It powers numerous purchases each month and thousands of thousands of on-line stores that have expanded significantly in earnings and also appeal by utilizing this service. Shopify hasn’t only been a good solution for ecommerce vendors, yet the clients using Shopify sites have additionally appreciated what the service has to use them.

Older and newer companies like VAVA are selecting Shopify

Both established and new services and brand names are taking advantage of cutting edge technology from Shopify to represent them online. The system is effective and flexible and seems to be bringing out the best in any business that chooses it. The only challenge we see in some cases is the SEO element with lots stores not yet totally in-line with SEO finest practices.

There are lots of opportunities to customize and individualize the Shopify experience while guaranteeing that client can find the items that they came for. Successful merchants understand that its crucial to provide individuals what they expect to discover.

VAVA uses Shopify

Since of the impressive attributes highlighted listed below, we enjoy that VAVA has selected to use Shopify for their eCommerce system. These are simply some of the factors that Shopify is taking over as a preferred platform for up and also coming online vendors 👽

Incredibly Site Visitor Friendly

Flexibility is just one of one of the most typically considered consider this electronic globe that we stay in today. Due to innovative technology, people are currently into even more quick and reliable services for whatever they need, Shopify stores can quickly be set up right into many various methods as well as configurations.

So… Shopify is eCommerce done right

Shopify is not some failing platform. It’s easier to make use of and also establish no matter the niche you are selling to.

Stunning Themes

No one wishes to go shopping on a monotonous looking site these days, and Shopify has actually made it easier for online vendors to boost their stores’ aesthetics.

The system has professional visuals and visually appealing design templates that will draw in consumers while providing them a good experience. Look web pages function properly, progressed filters as well as configuration systems function well.

It’s very easy as well as works really well. VAVA has actually a well laid out site and also makes use of some of these innovative attributes.

No one desires to go shopping on a monotonous looking site these days, Shopify has made it feasible for online vendors to improve their shops’ looks. VAVA has actually a well laid out site and takes advantage of some of these sophisticated features.

The Shopify platform additionally enables sophisticated programmers as well as designers to develop a site that matches their visual as well as functional needs.

Safeguarded as well as Reliable

Shopify is one of several platforms for safely building an online shop.

And also as you might know, safety and security is an important part of an online company. A secure shop will certainly guarantee that customers’ personal information are well stored securely at all times 😙

Shopify has actually been and is still able to provide safety and reliability to its individuals, which is among things that has caused its huge development 👽

Scorching Fast Loading Speed

Unlike a few other holding systems on the web like WordPress and also WooCommerce, Shopify has excellent loading speeds. Consequently, customers of VAVA have a simple time browsing with their on-line store.

Mobile Matters Most

Online merchants comprehend that because so many people are doing so much with their mobile devices it has actually ended up being increasingly more essential to have a safe and efficient mobile site. Easy to follow text styling and lots of big quite pictures also help to ensure consumers can see what you’re offering and buy into what you are selling. Shopify has mobile first styles and this store utilizes them.

Luckily, Shopify additionally comprehends this and also provides themes and attributes that many shopkeeper can utilize to make their websites receptive sufficient for mobile use. VAVA has a website that works rather well on mobile.

This isn’t just a story about VAVA and their online shop – I suggest it is that story too. I wonder though, might VAVA take into consideration opening brand-new retail locations Only time will tell.

Nobody wants to shop on an uninteresting looking site these days, as well as Shopify has actually made it possible for online vendors to enhance their shops’ appearance. VAVA has actually a well laid out shop as well as takes full advantage of some of these sophisticated features.

Shopify is by far the most comprehensive system for safely holding an online store . click here and check out VAVA with your own eyes