The Best Natural Deodorants of 2021

Is now the best time to transition to a natural deodorant?

So, what’s all the fuss around natural deodorants? Sweating is a natural part of your body’s detoxification process, and we believe it’s not something your body should stop doing! Many mainstream deodorants use chemicals designed to block your delicate sweat glands and work as an ‘antiperspirant’ to stop your body from sweating. Instead, we love chemical-free and aluminium-free natural deodorants that help absorb wetness and neutralise odour.

At Nourished Life, we’ve done all the testing to find natural and organic deodorants that are right for you and actually work. If you are thinking about transitioning to a natural deodorant and experiencing the wonderful benefits, here are my favourite deodorants of 2021!

If you are thinking about using this time to transition to a natural deodorant, here are my favourite deodorants of 2021!

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

Black Chicken Axilla Deodrant Paste

What I love about Black Chicken Remedies natural deodorant is how it keeps you fresh without stopping your body from getting rid of toxins. The Axilla Deodorant Paste includes a unique blend of Mother Nature’s finest, including arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate and coconut oil – working to absorb your sweat and neutralise any odours. I’m loving the subtle hints of peppermint and lime that give this deodorant an uplifting finish. Bonus points for the essential oils that provide an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic effect.

Earths Purities Body Active Deodorant Powder

Earth Purities, Deodorant Powder For Sensitive Skin

This deodorant is perfect for anyone on-the-go who wants all-natural protection from that summer sweat. Made with Bentonite clay and coconut extract, this natural deodorant protects you from odour-causing bacteria while keeping you dry, even after a heavy workout. Free of any bicarbonate soda, the formula is safe for sensitive skin. I love the smell, with essential oils like sweet orange and cedarwood used to create a sweet scent!

Ethique Solid Deodorant – Sans (Unscented)

Unscented Deodrant Bar By Ethique

If you have super sensitive skin, look no further than this Ethique Solid Deodorant! Made without any fragrances or baking soda, this moisturising deodorant keeps you feeling dry and fresh. Created using magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, and spiny bamboo extract this combination works overtime to keep you dry. What sets the Ethique Solid Deodorant apart is the use of sweet almond and jojoba oils, keeping your skin feeling oh-so-soft.

Agent Nateur Holi(Stick) Sensitive Deodorant

Mother Nature’s best has been used in this unisex deodorant stick. Get long-lasting protection with a carefully crafted combination of antibacterial coconut oil, avocado oil, zinc oxide and arrowroot powder. The unisex deodorant will keep you feeling confident and fresh, even on the hottest days.

Agent Nateur Uni(Sex) N5 Deodorant

If you like your deodorant to have a rich and musky scent this Agent Nateur Unisex Deodorant is for you. The selective blend of vetiver, rose, sandalwood, cistus, and essential oils work together to create a sweet-smelling, chemical-free, deodorant that keeps body odour under control all while moisturising your skin.

No Pong All-Natural Anti-Odourant – BICARB FREE

No Pong Bicarb Free Deodrant

No Pong have nailed their science meets nature approach to smelling fresh. They use natural antibacterial ingredients (such as coconut oil and beeswax) to get rid of body odour and bacteria, without the addition of sodium bicarbonate (perfect for those with sensitive skin). No Pong has a unique formula that is effective for over 12 hours, so even when you’re smashing your New Year’s gym goals, you’ll still be smelling sweet!

No Pong All-Natural Anti-Odourant – ORIGINAL

No Pong All Natural Deodrant

The Original No Pong is an all-natural and highly-effective deodorant that works to keep the wearer fresh, without exposing them to any hidden chemical nasties that exist in other brands. No Pong has cleverly created the perfect formula that creates a sweat-proof environment on your skin where odour-producing bacteria won’t survive. The Original No Pong contains sodium bicarbonate for added antibacterial properties, along with coconut oil, beeswax, and cornstarch to create breathable and natural protection even in high-stress situations!

Ethique Solid Deodorant – Botanica

Ethique Botanica Deodrant Bar

If you like your deodorant to have a sweet scent you can’t go past the Botanica bar from Ethique. Made with all the best moisture-absorbing ingredients like spiny bamboo extract, as well as ingredients like zinc oxide that keep odours at bay, Botanica is great for that all-day freshness. If you like your deodorant to moisturise while it protects, this Ethique Solid Deodorant also has sweet almond and jojoba oils that’ll have you feeling smooth and fresh.

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How to maximise your fluid intake

It can be hard during the colder months to stay well hydrated, especially when it’s freezing and wet outside, the last thing we often feel like doing is drinking a cup of chilled water. So, our friends at Golden Grind thought they would put together a ‘winter liquid guide’ with tips and tricks to staying well, and staying hydrated.

“It’s amazing how quickly a few changes to the way you consume liquid can better your overall health. I have personally seen the benefits how changing my drinking habits impacted my immune system immediately and continues to help me avoid getting sick. It is always one of the first issues I address with my clients and works almost every time” – Tahli, Head Nutritionist at Golden Grind.

Golden Grind Blend

1. Make it warm
Warm drinks are far gentler on the body that cold or chilled drinks, especially in winter. Consuming fluids that are around body temp is less work for the digestive system whilst being extremely nurturing on the immune system. It also allows for quicker hydration. Starting your day with a warm drink is one of the simplest but kindest thing you can do for your organs and insides.

Golden Grind Hot Chocolate

2. Tea was medicine before it was a beverage
Consume medicinal teas to help avoid sickness or ailments, or when already feeling run down. Everything from immune boosting, energy, sleeping and more can be helped with the right tea (try Golden Grind’s new range) and makes the cup much more interesting than water.

Golden Grind Tea

3. Slow cooked meals and stews
Such a great way to cook food that makes it easy to absorb but also maintains nutrients, slow cooked meals also require a decent amount of fluid to be added that can really help keep your meals hydrating. Plus, you can add all types of superfoods and spices, like turmeric for example, that fill the meal with max nutrients.

4. Sip on broth or miso
If you struggle drinking plain water, trying putting broth or miso concentration into warm water a couple of times a day for a lovely salty fix and nutrient boost.

Golden Grind Turmeric

5. Winter Smoothies
Smoothies don’t have to be ice cold or a summery drink. Making a room temp smoothie is such a wonderful brekkie or lunch year around. Packed with things like oats, cereals, proteins and superfoods, they are such a brilliant way to make a non-eating meal or meal on the go. Plus, your liquid of choice could be anything from nut milks, coconut water, fruit and more. Trying adding Golden Grind’s new superfood blends to any smoothie mix.

Golden Grind Latte

6. What to avoid
We are confident you have heard these before but staying clear of; fizzy drinks, highly processed drinks, sugary drinks, fruit juices, iced drinks, preservatives, alcohol and high amounts of caffeine is generally recommended.

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How to Use a Menstrual Cup

If you are looking into purchasing your first menstrual cup (or perhaps you’ve already made your purchase!), it can be difficult to know where to begin.

We’re big fans of these sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to more traditional sanitary items like pads and tampons, but we understand that it can feel a little bit overwhelming to make the switch. To help, we’ve put together this handy guide to choosing, inserting, removing and cleaning your menstrual cup- plus everything else you want to know!

Menstrual Care

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible, bell-shaped product designed to be comfortably inserted into the vagina to “catch” your flow during your period. Menstrual cups are washable and reusable, meaning they can be used every month, time and time again. Their reusable nature makes them a cost effective and eco friendly alternative to disposable period care products, like pads and tampons!


How to choose a menstrual cup

Choosing the right menstrual cup for you comes down to thinking about your body and your flow. The biggest determining factors are generally your age and whether or not you have given birth vaginally. It’s also worth considering whether or not you have a high or low cervix/long or short vaginal canal, as this can help you choose the most comfortable menstrual cup for your body- Juju, one of our favourite brands, have a great online guide to determining your cervix position and ensuring you choose the best menstrual cup model for you.


How to insert a menstrual cup

You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to comfortably insert your menstrual cup with the cup itself, but inserting the cup is surprisingly simple. First, wash your hands thoroughly (some people find it easiest to insert their cup whilst in the shower!). Next, flatten your cup then fold it over itself into a ‘C’ shape, then hold it closed in that shape. Find a comfortable position (this may be sitting, squatting, or standing with one leg raised), and insert the cup upwards into your vagina, angling the cup towards the base of your spine. Check that the cup has opened, as this will create a “seal” to prevent any leaking, then wash your hands. Done!

Other frequently asked menstrual cup questions

You only need one menstrual cup, and that cup needs to be emptied and cleaned 2 to 4 times per day, depending on your flow (this will vary from person to person, and will depend on the day of your period). You can wear a menstrual cup for no more than 12 hours at a time, meaning it’s safe to wear overnight- we recommend emptying and cleaning it immediately before bed, and right after waking. It is absolutely safe to use your menstrual cup during exercise, however the cup should not be worn during penetrative sex.

How to remove and empty your menstrual cup

To remove your menstrual cup, get yourself into a comfortable position and try to relax- a tense body will make it more difficult to remove your cup, so remember to breathe! Release the suction seal by pinching the base of the cup for a few seconds. Gently rock the cup out of your vagina, working slowly but steadily to avoid any spilling (we recommend removing your cup in the shower so you have less to stress about!). Remove the cup on a slight angle, then empty your cup before rinsing it with soap and warm water.

How to clean and disinfect your menstrual cup

After your cycle has finished, it’s time to disinfect your menstrual cup more thoroughly than above. To do this, we recommend placing your cup in boiling water for around 3 to 5 minutes or purchasing a menstrual cup-specific sanitiser.

Shop our full range of natural and eco friendly period products online now.

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